Gaurav Bhatnagar

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Hi! I’m a senior majoring in EECS & Business at UC Berkeley Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Program. I’m interested in managing tangible technology; robots, digital products, and more. I am currently a Software Engineering Intern at Segmed working on live testing frameworks.

Previously, I was at Correlia Biosystems as a Software Engineering Intern working on remote diagnostic tools and outlier rejection algorithms. Before that, I was at Dataherald as a Product Management and Software Engineering Intern where I shipped and built a series of Census 2020 real-time visualization dashboards to over 140,000 readers and 500,000 impressions on the first day – at then, a company record.

On campus, I’m an undergraduate student researcher under Professor S. Shankar Sastry, on Course Staff for CS 162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming, and a Senior Advisor at UpSync Consulting. Previously, I was a Teaching Assistant for CS 70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, on the web team of The Berkeley Project, and completed research under Asst. Prof. Andrew Blanton at CNMAT on designing real-time rendering of motion capture data.

Have any ideas to discuss? Feel free to reach out below, I’d love to chat!


Aug 2, 2023 Researching under Professor S. Shankar Sastry’s Ping Pong Robotics Group
May 17, 2023 Interning at Segmed (YC W20) for Summer 2023 as a SWE Intern